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Our mission

270,000 tons of wasted fruits and vegetables - the equivalent of 730 Airbus A380

That's how much is wasted every year in Belgium because farmers are unable to sell produces that don't meet the strict aesthetic standards imposed by the industry.


This is the sad reality: fruits and vegetables that are misshapen, dented, unsightly, uneven, out of size, too small or too big are put to waste.


And yet, in our eyes, they are perfect.      

That's the amount that unsold produces could bring. 30% of the harvest goes to waste every year if we do nothing.


Saving unsold vegetables also means supporting our local farmers and turning this vicious circle into a virtuous circle of solidarity.

30% of farmers' income

Our values

Long term

Dalf is a project that considers each stakeholder to be essential for long-term collaboration.

Fair remuneration

We want to remunerate each intermediary, from producer to trader, at fair value, without impacting the consumer.


Communication, ingredients, manufacturing processes: no secrets.

Creating links

Between farmers, processors, and consumers.

and innovation

In the development of recipes and product ranges, transformation processes, product packaging, and logistics.

and sustainability

From the field to the plate (and not the bin): development and optimisation of local resources, integrated value chain, long life and eco-design.

Our history

February 2022. Sophie discovers the absurdity of the aesthetic standards imposed on food. Outraged by all this waste at source, this observation occupies all her thoughts.


Sophie was not about to give in to powerlessness: she decided to take action. Her objective? To demonstrate that the value (of food) lies not in its appearance but in its substance.


A mantra that applies to food, and to many other areas.

When small imperfections become a strength

The fruits and vegetables meant for the bin tell the story of Belgian farmers and their know-how.

They invite us to reconsider the quality and provenance of our food, as well as the environmental, social and societal impact of our daily choices.


Through Dalf, Sophie has set herself the mission of recycling unsold agricultural produces while developing a sustainable, responsible, and innovative business model.


From field to plate.


🌈 From start to Famish

A committed perspective


Our commitments


local farmers


food waste


healthy and responsible eating

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