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  • Where do fruits and vegetables come from?
    Quite simply from the earth! Yes, our fruit and vegetables come straight from the fields. We buy them from farmers, without any intermediaries.   We have chosen not to buy unsold produce from supermarkets, because our mission is to support local agriculture and to be as close to it as possible.
  • Do you collect the produce free of charge?
    No, the fruits and vegetables are bought back from Belgian producers. We are fighting for fair remuneration for everyone involved, starting with the people at the source of our food system.   It's a commitment, and it's also what justifies the prices of Dalf creations.
  • Where are the fruit and vegetables harvested?
    A network for collecting unsold produce has been set up with about ten partner farmers, enabling the produce to be collected directly from Belgian farmers.
  • Where are Dalf dips created?
    The fruits and vegetables rescued from waste are processed in a production workshop in Brussels by our passionate team.
  • Are Dalf dips seasonal ?
    Yes, Dalf recipes are made with seasonal fruits and vegetables, grown in season. The (second) good news is that you can eat them all year round thanks to our natural preservation process. Pasteurisation means that the product can be kept for 1 year at room temperature. Isn't that great?
  • Are damaged fruits and vegetables safe to eat?
    Yes, they are! The fruits and vegetables rescued by Dalf still have all their flavour and nutritional values and are therefore perfectly safe to eat. They only have small external defects, but at Dalf we consider this to be their charming assets.
  • Are Dalf products organic?
    Our ORGANIC products are certified by CERTISYS BE-BIO-01. This means that all the ingredients we use in our recipes are organic, not just the fruits and vegetables. With two exceptions: did you know that water and salt cannot be certified organic?
  • Is the Dalf range vegan or gluten free?
    At Dalf, we believe that everyone deserves the best, whatever their diet. That's why we offer vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free and gluten-free dips. Without compromising on taste, on the contrary.
  • Ça What does Dalf mean?
    Dalf comes from the contraction of the French sentence "Du début à la Faim", a play on words that echoes the circular nature of the project, from field to plate. The sentence can be translated as “From start to Famish”. 
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